fgmfRain forest:


Temperature: 64 degrees to 95 degrees F; must remain warm and frost-free
Precipitation: 2,000 to 10,000 mm of rain per year

The rainforest biome gets the most rain out of any of the biomes on earth. The rainforest biome can be tropical, hot, or temperate. Tropical rain forests are on or near the equator. They have very hot and wet climates with over 100 inches of rain a year and as much as 400 inches a year. Temperate rain forests are located along ocean coastlines and have cooler temperatures than tropical rain forests. An example of a temperate rain forest can be found on the North American Pacific Northwest.

The trees in the rainforest biome are very tall and close together. This creates a dense layer of leaves that stretch like a high roof or canopy over the forest floor. The plants have long leaves with narrow tips that allows water to run off. There are many species of plants that grow in the rainforest, and they create multiple layers of greenery. This concentration of so many plants covering huge areas of land cover produces much of the oxygen for the entire world. It is sometimes said that the tropical rainforests are the lungs of the world.

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The ideal conditions in a tropical rainforest of warmth and moisture promotes a great place for many organisms to thrive. The greatest amount of biodiversity can be found in the tropical rainforest. More than 50% of the earth's plant and animal species are found in the tropical rainforest.

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Human Influence:

Deforestation is the biggest problem that the rainforest faces. Every day thousands of acres of the Amazon rain forest in South America are being destroyed to make room for farms and ranches.

These two pictures are the same aerial shots taken from space of the Amazon Rainforest.
This first one was taken on July 30, 2000:
This one was take 9 years later on August 21, 2009

The drastic views of the two photos above shows the deep impact that humans have altered the rainforest biome. Based on the what defines a rainforest, does this look like a rainforest to you?

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Deforestation is used for a number of reasons including urbanization, logging, agriculture and cattle ranches.

amazon_defor-360.jpg Source: http://www.mongabay.com/brazil.html

This part of Brazil was once all rainforest. Clearing the forest for human occupation has increased the competition between humans and wildlife for space. (Davis, 2007)

Photo taken from:
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