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(grassland cover that includes savannas)

Temperature: Dependent on latitude; yearly range can be between -20 to 30 degrees Celsius

Precipitation: About 500 to 900 mm of rain per year

Grassland biomes get their name because they are made up almost entirely of grasses that cover their landscape and their lack of trees. They are the most common type of biome on earth and cover about 21% of earth's land cover. They include:
  • Tropical grasslands: Savanna
  • Temperate: Tall and short grass prairie, Pampas, Veldt
  • Polar: Tundra

Grasslands are found in every continent except for Antarctica. The prairies of the Great Plains in North America, the pampas in South America, the veldt of South Africa, the steppes of Central Eurasia, and surrounding the deserts in Australia are all home to the grassland biome.

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