Deciduous Forest


Temperature: -22 to 86 degrees F, yearly average is 50 degrees F; hot summers, cold winters

Precipitation: 750 to 1,500 mm of rain per year
The deciduous forest is also called the temperate forest due to the temperate climate that it claims. These forests have trees with broad leaves and include maple, oak and sycamore trees. The leaves change color in the fall and drop off. Without green leaves, photosynthesis stops and the tree stops growing.
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Temperate Deciduous Forests are found in North America, Europe and East Asia. The animals living in this biome are probably most familiar with humans. These animals that naturally inhabit this biome include deer, bears, rabbits, squirrels and skunks.


Human Influence:

Places like New York City was once covered in temperate deciduous forest centuries ago before humans have urbanized it. Is this still a deciduous forest?

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According to the classic biome view, this area should be deciduous forest, but what do we actually have here?

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Deciduous Forest vs. Urban vs. Residential rainfed mosaic vs. Dense Settlement

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residential_rainfed_mosaic_croplands_300p.jpg dense.jpg

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