Croplands are just what the name implies... land of crops! This is cultivated land where we grow our food. You need water and decent soil to grow crops, so what biome(s) do you think you would find many crops?

pop_irrig_crop.jpg residential_rainfed_mosaic_croplands_300p.jpg soybeans7.jpg remote_croplands_300p.jpg
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Croplands cover about 27 million square kilometers of ice-free land. Approximately 900 million people live in the Croplands Anthrome. These croplands are broken down into 5 different categories of anthromes that are defined by actual population density, climate and other factors.


Compare the two maps... What areas of our classic biome have been affected by the croplands?


As you can see, a lot of the deciduous forest biome, the Taiga, and some of the Rainforest biome is being used for crops. This involves deforestation in many cases.