Anthromes: anthromes_2.jpg

Less than 25% of the worlds ice free surface is considered wild. Humans have altered 75% of the Earth's ice free land for many uses including agriculture, human residence and forestry. Anthropogenic biomes, or Anthromes, are defined by how large areas of land are used by people. These anthromes include dense settlements , villages , croplands , rangelands , and forested . Our world's population today is a whopping 6.4 billion people! Of this total population, 40% live in dense settlements biomes, 40% in village biomes, 15% in cropland biomes, 5% in rangeland biomes, and 0.6% in the forested biomes (Ellis & Ramankutty, 2008). The map above shows all the anthropogenic biomes combined while the maps below break down each anthropogenic biome individually.